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INTRODUCING CUSTOM maisondesfamillesdelabaie...

INTRODUCING CUSTOM maisondesfamillesdelabaie...

We're taking fan favorite designs and letting you take over!

We've selected a variety of foil colors and patterns for you to choose from and have applied onto the popular Eldon graphic.

Once selected, our team will get to work hand crafting your tee using our special process.Natural flaws and imperfections can be expected as this makes it unique for you.

Be the first to grab these custom AMF styles!

Handling & Care heads up!

Due to the nature of this product flaws are to be expected. It's part of what makes your item unique to you. Don't worry if there's foil particles, a quick run in the washer will eliminate them. We recommend not to dry your new gear on high heat to extend the longevity of the foil shine. Low heat or hang dry will be best!